Sunday, June 29, 2008

RS Weekly Update: Monday, June 16th - Sunday, June 22nd

This week:
  • Monday-Friday, 06.16-20: 4th-year girls' camp.
  • Wednesday-Friday, 06.18-20: YW Girls camp.
  • Tuesday, 06.17: Cooking club @ the Johnsons'. Theme: easy barbecue, taught by Marsha Johnson & Penny Freeman. Time to bone up on some good Texan cooking! Bring your favorite BBQ side with recipes to share.
  • Friday, 06.20, 10am: Hair-bow class, taught by Sister Julie Tucker; call for list of materials required.
  • Saturday, 06.21: The Steward Send-off. Come help us wish the Steward family well as they return home from their three-year mission. The Activities Committee are offering food, fellowship and entertainment. What more could you want?!
Sunday's lesson:

Teaching for Our Times by Sister Kelly Swanson, on Pres. Eyring's April sermon: The True and Living Church (click here).

Upcoming Ward Events:
  • Tuesday, 06.24, 10am session: RS temple day. For sisters with small children, please contact us and we will be happy to provide childcare services, including families with multiple children.
  • Tuesday-Friday, 06.24-27, 2pm-8pm: Webelos Twilight Camp
  • Wednesday-Friday, 06.25-27 8am-1pm: Bear & Wolf Day Campe
  • Friday, 07.04. 8am: Annual Olde Oaks pancake breakfast & patriotic celebration. Watch for further announcements.
  • Friday-Saturday, 06.27-28: Houston North Stake Youth Conference for YM/YW 14 and up.
  • July 10-22: The Houston Temple will be closed for cleaning, so please plan ahead.
Visiting Teaching:
  • If you have not yet met or chatted with a member of the Relief Society Presidency regarding the needs of the sisters on your visiting teaching route, please take the time to do so. The ward's visiting teachers are the eyes and ears of the Relief Society, and it is through you that we meet our mandate of charity, service and compassion.
  • New visiting teaching routes were passed out on Sunday, June 15th. We are also mailing those routes of the sisters we missed. If you have not yet received yours within the next few days, please let us know.
  • Summer's here and schedules vary. Pull out those calendars and plan ahead to ensure contact with your sisters. You can find this month's visiting teaching lesson at (click here).
  • 3-month supply: dry-pack day for the Houston North Stake is the second Tuesday of every month. However, due to high demand, it's wise to check on items available prior to arriving at the Family Storage Center.
  • Tomato truck: The produce ordered will arrive on Thursday, June 26th. Also, due to the positive response, the farmer is willing to establish a permanent co-op with the Houston North and Klein Stakes. Watch for further information.
  • Blackberries and blueberries are currently on. Visit Matt Family Orchard or Moorheads Blueberry Farm for more information, or visit this map search for more locations.

Our marvelous enrichment board have planned a terrific summer of activities, so, pick what suits you bests, mark your calendars, and come on out for some summer fun!
  • Cooking Club: Tuesday, July 8th, 7pm, Chinese cooking (tentatively).
  • Garden Club by Paul Johnson:
    • July, 7pm (date unavailable): Field trip to Heiden's Feed Store.
    • Thursday, Aug. 14th, 7pm: Learning about fruit trees.
  • Homemaking 101:
    • Thursday, July 10th, 7pm: Easy cafe curtains and valances.
    • Thursday, 7pm (date unavailable): Canning and freezing fruit.
  • Big Girls' Day Camp:
    • For daytime activities, bring a sandwich and the RS will provide drinks and chips.
    • FAMILY RECOMMENDATION: Thursday, July 3rd, 6:30pm: A Star Spangled Salute @ the Cynthia Woods Pavilion in The Woodlands. Admission is free.
    • Friday, July 11th, 10am: Museum trip.
    • Thursday, July 17th, 7pm: Girls' Night Out with pizza and a movie, location to be announced.
    • Friday, July 25th, 10am: Learn or teach to crochet and participate in a service project.
    • FAMILY RECOMMENDATION: Friday, August 1st, 8:30 pm: Houston Shakespeare Festival, Miller Outdoor Theater in Hermann Park. Admission is free.
  • Special thanks to those sisters who have already signed up for the Olde Oaks RS Google group. If you have not yet done this, please visit and join.
  • Also, if you have already joined but have yet to receive any email through the group, please check your email for an email address verification from Google groups. All you are required to do is click on that link and Google will know that the address you submitted for the group won't bounce.
  • Watch for more features on the Group site (click here), including a membership map.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.

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