Friday, July 11, 2008

Blog of the Week: Between Loads of Laundry

Between Loads of Laundry
  • This is a blog written by a Christian stay-at-home mom with two small sons, whose three passions seem to be her family, her faith in God, and her cooking. I bookmarked this blog in passing as a source of quick and convenient yet interesting recipes. However, her thoughts and stories, of equal content, are worth reading in and of themselves.
  • Here is a sampling of the broad spectrum of recipes she shares: black bean salad, avocado delight, spicy peanut chicken, graham wafer quickies, and blueberry muffins.
  • She also includes some interesting related links which you may find worth investigating.
Things to Know:
Author: Mikki Roo
Emphasis: Home and Family
Rating: 3/5, but it's really too soon to tell

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