Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Today's Additions

  • Houston Metro Area LDS Single Adults Group. Find this link on our home page. This group includes far too much material for me to keep up with, including email lists and discussions, activity calendars and announcements from stake SA committees, Beaumont to College Station, and Conroe and Cleveland to Richmond and Friendswood. I'll try to keep the Northside activities updated on our calendar, but the best thing to do is subscribe to this group.
  • New Blog Feature: Link of the Day. Hopefully, we'll help you utilize the resources of the Internet to help make your life easier, keep you informed, and perhaps even learn something. However, this will definitely have to be a group project, to submit as many as you like! The Great Links page on OORS will also be updated with these links.
  • New Blog Feature: Steadfast Faith in Christ: a Missionary Journal. I hope y'all don't think I'm just a bit too self-indulgent in putting the link to my family's missionary page on this blog. However, it is one small effort to follow Elder Ballard's counsel in using the Internet to share the Gospel, so, I need to raise the visibility of it, to speak out, if you will. We also have a reverse sort of page, that being uplifting letters written to missionaries which help to share our testimonies, but I'm still debating as to whether or not to put a permanent link on this blog. In case you're interested, it's URL is http://amormonfamilyjournal.blogspot.com. I would very much like to fill the side bar with similar links, voices you raise to help spread the Good News. Let me know what they are, send me any graphics you'd like to use, and I'll make certain they get on this blog page!
  • New Blog Feature: Preach My Gospel: There are a myriad of resources available from the Church to help you answer your friends' questions about the Gospel. I'll try to share these links as they come to me, and again, welcome any submissions. When I've exhausted the specifically 'missionary' resources, I'll start to highlight the great features of LDS.org. OORS will also be updated with these links.

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