Friday, July 25, 2008

Blog of the Week: Prepare Today Newsletter

Another Perspective:

This is a collection of information to assist others in their preparedness efforts and to help them be ready for the challenges which are coming.
The Prepare Today Newsletter is a blog authored by a ward preparedness specialist from California. It provides a slightly different view of emergency preparedness, particularly since Californians face an entirely different set of hazards from their environment. They have fires and earthquakes, we have hurricanes and ice storms, etc. Added to the other resources available to us, this blog adds its bit of harmony to the same tune we know so well.

Here is a snippet of one article, a bit of commentary entitled "Musings of a Ward Preparedness Chairman":

Why is it so many saints are unenthusiastic about getting their food storage and emergency supplies?

For some it's a matter of money – both too little money and, curiously enough, too much money. The challenge for those with limited funds is more understandable than those who have what can only be termed "abundance". We live in an area with large numbers of prosperous members who don't have their food storage – why?

This is something I've wondered about a lot and recently gained additional insight from reading the observations of an online forum moderator named NeatBrian.
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Things to know:

Author: A Californian ward preparedness specialist; otherwise anonymous
Emphasis: Emergency Preparedness
Rating: 4/5

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