Monday, February 16, 2009

Blog of the Week: Let Us Prepare

From an email my sister sent me, I found "Let Us Prepare", which is a blog focusing on many different aspects of emergency preparedness. this blog to this handout, "Let There Be Light". which is very nicely done. Debbie Kent has done a fantastic job cataloging and evaluating various heat/power source options for when electricity is lost. This has obviously been compiled for a colder climate and would require a bit of re-prioritizing (less firewood, more propane/gasoline for generators, etc), but it's a fantastic reference. For future reference, should the above link cease to be available, I have uploaded this handout onto our download site, and you can find it here.

The blog itself offers information and videos on a smattering of various subjects, but her best features are her "challenges", such as, "this week, prepare to be stranded in your car overnight in a snowstorm." She then gives a list of the articles a family would need to store in their vehicle to survive such an eventuality. Again, climate differences have to be factored in, but for folks with preparedness priority paralysis, this blog provides a much needed nudge into your baby steps.

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