Monday, February 16, 2009

Sisters in Zion: A Special Thanks

I wanted to take a moment to thank all the sisters in the ward who provided service to the Johnson family in this difficult time for them. As we prepared for the luncheon, there were so many sisters wanting to help, it was difficult coming up with things for them to do.

I can't tell you what a relief it was to me to know everything was 'under control' because of the fabulous sisters of the Olde Oaks Ward. Every one of you came through for me. So, whether you brought in dinners to the Johnson home, helped with the luncheon, participated in the memorial service, provided childcare for others so they could attend, or provided some thoughtful service known only to a few, thank you. Your kindness is deeply felt.

Eve Lechaminant keeps the wee bits entertained.

These are probably the best disciplined children I've ever seen. I never knew five children could be so still.

They also serve who sit and wait: (l-r) Marjorie Ricker, Lorraine Ricker, and Verlayn Keller wait for the guests to arrive.

At the last minute, I looked at the bleak gym and said, 'Can you make that look—better?" The ladies were up to the challenge. Using spare wicker baskets and residual flowers, they whipped the place into shape in nothing flat.

April bullied us into standing still for a picture. She wanted something more than the empty gym and table settings. Go figure.

My peeps (at least, those who couldn't escape April's camera): (l-r)Jeanette Schadler, Donna Corbin, Penny Freeman, Rosalyn Davies, Lucy Stern.

The lady behind the camera, April Lewis. She really is as charming as she looks. (Yep, April. I grabbed this from your FB album.)


Lewis Family said...

OOH, you're in big trouble now! Facebook has turned on me! What a tragedy. (seriously, thanks for the thanks post)

P Freeman said...
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P Freeman said...

I absolutely love that picture. Your eyes sparkle. . . . Besides which, you actually let me keep that look?! I look like a prissy-footed, thin-lipped librarian.