Friday, September 24, 2010

Link of The Week: Patriarchal Blessing Request

Okay.  This is really truly cool.

The Church has established a website that enables members to not only request copies of their own patriarchal blessings, but also copies of their direct-line ancestors who are deceased.

So, I can now keep in my files the patriarchal blessing of my great-great-grandfather Oluf Christian Larsen who was the first Norwegian national to serve a mission in his homeland and then went on to fight in the Black Hawk wars in southern Utah, and marry four wives.

Or, I can get the record of my great-great-grandfather Joseph Nuttall who left Nut Hall in England to settle in eastern Utah and start his own dynasty.

Or, my sons can request the patriarchal blessing of their ancestor, Isaac Morley, a prosperous farmer who was mentioned in the D&C and did much to build the kingdom in Ohio, Illinois, and finally Utah.  Now, that would be a patriarchal blessing to study.

One more time, here is the link.